VetkinTape - equine kinesiology

VetkinTape | The best kinesiology tape for animals

• Is Global leading special veterinary kinesiology tape developed for animals

• Differentiates compared to current (human) kinesiology tapes available on the market; glue used, flexibility of the tape, thickness and size of the tape.

• Is developed with former Animal Health professionals (MSD/Merck) and THYSOL; the unique combination that brings all knowledge, experience and expertise together.

• Offers veterinary courses specially developed veterinary professionals.

• Is manufactured in our own factory and has all international quality certificates.

• Is the official Global Partner of ISELP (Equine education)

International congresses

• All ISELP Congresses and meetings
• Arab Health
• Global WCPT
• Equitana
• Global IAVRPT